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Michelle Suzanne Scott

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Michelle Suzanne Scott
Providing counselling and support services throughout the Durham Region.

Performing “rituals” may have gotten a bad rap.

Photo courtesy of The word "ritual" may conjure up visions of  nefarious actions designed to incite negativity.  Lighting birthday candles is a type of ritual that most of us enjoy.  I think there is a sacred place for rituals an

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Continuing Bonds … not “closure”

Photo courtesy of   For years, the collective wisdom told us we needed to "seek closure" when someone dies.  It would then, supposedly, become easier to "move on" and live our lives.  Now, researchers and advocates of deat

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Complicated Grief

Photo by:  Dreamstime 82946486 In October 2016, I attended a workshop sponsored by Bereavement Ontario Network and presented by Dr. M. Katherine Shear.  Dr. Shear has studied complicated grief and believes the type of bond and connection we ha

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