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Michelle Suzanne Scott

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Michelle Suzanne Scott
Providing counselling and support services throughout the Durham Region.

✔ Emotional Regulation during trying times…

When people come to me for support, I will ask them to fill out an informed consent form, and depending on the nature of their request, I will offer them the following tips for emotional regulation, with a self-care handout: Self-care and mindfulnes

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💕self-care plan for bereavement

When a person approaches me for support, I send them an informed consent form, along with a self care plan.  The following is my plan for grief and bereavement: Things to Remember when grieving: Numbness, shock, and disbelief are natural feelings t

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End of Life Info Guide for Patients, Friends & Families

Walk with me to the water when it comes my time.  What we say will not matter, just keep your hand in mine.   I’ll cross the water by myself, I know that’s what I must do.        But the chilling sting won’t be felt because I’ve walke

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