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Michelle Suzanne Scott

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Michelle Suzanne Scott
Providing counselling and support services throughout the Durham Region.

End of Life Info Guide for Friends & Families

Walk with me to the water when it comes my time.  What we say will not matter, just keep your hand in mine.   I’ll cross the water by myself, I know that’s what I must do.  But the chilling sting won’t be felt because I’ve walked with yo

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Grief is often characterized by not being able to see the path forward and a feeling of hopelessness.  COVID-19 challenges our health, economic, and social systems.   Trauma is characterized by a feeling of helplessness in an unpredictable situati

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The Reluctant He💔rt

We die as we have lived, and if sexuality and intimacy has been a part of your life, then it stands to reason it will also be an important part at the end of your life.  There may be a reluctance to discuss intimacy during a time when we are faced

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