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  • Amazing Grace March 3, 2024   I have listened to the hymn Amazing Grace for years.  Now I know what it means.   I recently watched two souls say goodbye online, one I met in real life, one I did not; both are examples of radical acceptance at end of life.   I invite you to listen to the wise words from Derek Scott And from Toby Keith This is what amazing grace looks like ♥  #EOL
  • ✔ Emotional Regulation during trying times… October 7, 2021 When people come to me for support, I will ask them to fill out an informed consent form, and depending on the nature of their request, I will offer them the following tips for emotional regulation, with a self-care handout: Self-care and mindfulness mean staying in the “present” moment and creating mental distance between yourself and your past (or future if you are anxious about upcoming events).    To provide you with a deeper understanding of how you talk to yourself, take this short quiz from The Self-Esteem Workbook by Glenn R. Schiraldi (2nd Ed. 2016, New Harbinger Publications, Inc.)   Hard on Self (Self-Critical) Kind to ...
  • 💕self-care plan for bereavement October 7, 2021 When a person approaches me for support, I send them an informed consent form, along with a self care plan.  The following is my plan for grief and bereavement: Things to Remember when grieving: Numbness, shock, and disbelief are natural feelings that are psychologically protective until you are able to experience grief fully. Grief may also be experienced as physical symptoms.  There is no right or wrong way to express your grief through mourning (wearing black, etc.), do what feels right for you. Loss often triggers previous grieved losses and the feelings and emotions resurface from the past.  Grieving is a journey; a process that requires understanding ...
  • End of Life Info Guide for Patients, Friends & Families June 29, 2021 Walk with me to the water when it comes my time.  What we say will not matter, just keep your hand in mine.   I’ll cross the water by myself, I know that’s what I must do.        But the chilling sting won’t be felt because I’ve walked with you.                         –Nellie Keller The goal of accompanying someone on their end-of-life journey is to create a sacred and safe space for them to be able to release from their body.  There is a distinct difference between caring for someone who will get well and ...
  • GRIEF & COVID-19 🌏 April 1, 2020 Grief is often characterized by not being able to see the path forward and a feeling of hopelessness.  COVID-19 challenges our health, economic, and social systems.   Trauma is characterized by a feeling of helplessness in an unpredictable situation.  In addition to grief, many of us are feeling the effects of trauma, due to the rapidly changing nature of the pandemic and associated lockdowns.  COVID-19 is sweeping through our reality.  Governments and communities are scrambling to keep up with rapidly changing developments.    For those who were already grieving before this pandemic or for those whose loved ones have died as a result of ...
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