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Amazing Grace

  I have listened to the hymn Amazing Grace for years.  Now I know what it means.   I recently watched two souls say goodbye online, one I met in real life, one I did not; both are examples of radical acceptance at end of life.   I invite you to listen to the wise words from […]

✔ Emotional Regulation during trying times…

When people come to me for support, I will ask them to fill out an informed consent form, and depending on the nature of their request, I will offer them the following tips for emotional regulation, with a self-care handout: Self-care and mindfulness mean staying in the “present” moment and creating mental distance between yourself […]

💕self-care plan for bereavement

When a person approaches me for support, I send them an informed consent form, along with a self care plan.  The following is my plan for grief and bereavement: Things to Remember when grieving: Numbness, shock, and disbelief are natural feelings that are psychologically protective until you are able to experience grief fully. Grief may […]


Grief is often characterized by not being able to see the path forward and a feeling of hopelessness.  COVID-19 challenges our health, economic, and social systems.   Trauma is characterized by a feeling of helplessness in an unpredictable situation.  In addition to grief, many of us are feeling the effects of trauma, due to the […]

The Reluctant He💔rt

We die as we have lived, and if sexuality and intimacy has been a part of your life, then it stands to reason it will also be an important part at the end of your life.  There may be a reluctance to discuss intimacy during a time when we are faced with our own mortality […]

Performing “rituals” may have gotten a bad rap.

Performing "rituals" may have gotten a bad rap.

Photo courtesy of The word “ritual” may conjure up visions of  nefarious actions designed to incite negativity.  Lighting birthday candles is a type of ritual that most of us enjoy.  I think there is a sacred place for rituals and ceremonies in death and dying.  It is a way to remember and celebrate our lives […]

Continuing Bonds … not “closure”

Continuing Bonds ... not "closure"

Photo courtesy of For years, the collective wisdom told us we needed to “seek closure” when someone dies.  It would then, supposedly, become easier to “move on” and live our lives.  Now, researchers and advocates of death and dying have determined we need not cut the ties we have with those we have formed […]

Complicated Grief

Complicated Grief

Photo by:  Dreamstime 82946486 In October 2016, I attended a workshop sponsored by Bereavement Ontario Network and presented by Dr. M. Katherine Shear.  Dr. Shear has studied complicated grief and believes the type of bond and connection we have with the person who has died, and whether we feel stuck or stopped in our mourning process, determines […]

Community Engagement Group – Grief and Loss

Community Engagement Group - Grief and Loss

                                                      Image provided by: Dreamstime Jan 2017   NOTE:  Thank you to those participants who shared their stories and memories.  I am honoured to be a part of your grief journey and that you allowed me into your lives for a brief time.  May 2017, Michelle. For those interested in a group format, with enough interest […]

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