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  • Taking Things Personally … it is Not Your Reality February 19, 2014 Taking Things Personally ... it is Not Your RealityI’ve heard it mentioned a few times, “what someone else thinks about you is none of your business.”  This makes sense when you put it into the context that we are all living in our own reality.  It’s all about perception, what people’s world view is and what biases they have formed from growing up and living in their own world.  We tend to project our own experiences & awareness onto other people.  It’s how we take things personally; we assign meaning to things said to us (or about us) from our own frame of reference.  It’s impossible to know what ...
  • GRIEVING … Love & Loss February 19, 2014 GRIEVING ... Love & LossYou may have to be your own advocate when you are mourning.  BRAIN VERSUS HEART Intellectual understanding surrounding death happens quickly.  There are funeral and legal arrangements that need to be taken care of.  If we are fortunate, we are able to take a few bereavement days off work.  In many cases it seems that emotional understanding is not honoured.  It is difficult to integrate the stressful multi-tasking we have created in our lives with the emotional processing our heart needs to do during mourning.  The grief we feel cannot be tied up into a nice and neat little package – ready ...
  • Resiliency is Not About Being Strong for Too Long … February 2, 2014 Resiliency is Not About Being Strong for Too Long ...That is Burn Out Many people confuse “being strong” with “resiliency”.  When a person is strong for others and always the one being leaned on, they may be neglecting their own needs and self care.  It is much like the put your oxygen mask on first when the plane is going down scenario.  Even Arnold Schwarzenegger or Trish Stratus is not going to be able to save anybody if they selflessly hand over the oxygen mask to others.  It is best to save yourself first.  This may sound selfish but it’s not – it is self-care.  Resiliency means to: ACCEPT don’t EXPECT – ...
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